Insecon into an agreement with Omron

2021-10-08 00:00

Omron Electronics Oy ja Insecon Oy have agreed on a Certified Partner -cooperation agreement allowing Insecon to operate as a system integrator for  collaborative robots (cobots), mobile robots and vision solutions.

Certified Partner -agreement between Omnron Electronics Oy and Insecon Oy enables, that Insecon can in addition to current installation services extend its operations in accordance with the selected strategy into machine automation solutions and can act as the system intergator for Omron's collaborative robots (cobots), mobile robots and vision solutions, too.

This is a natural step towards extended offering and allows additional services to both present and new customers in Finland. We are happy to inform more on the new possibilities. Please, contact Mika Nurminen for futher information.

Here's a link to Omron Finland's home pages: